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A 2-piece front-open panelled shirt boasts an exquisite Schiffli embroidery, elevating the art of craftsmanship. The front placket, adorned with meticulous top-stitch accents, is a testament to precision, complemented by delicate bow details that add a touch of whimsical allure. The round neckline is enhanced with a captivating loop detail, adding a contemporary twist to the traditional silhouette. At the heart of this ensemble lies a center panel adorned with bold Schiffli embroidery, an artistic masterpiece that commands attention. The side panels feature equally enchanting running embroidery, a harmonious balance of design elements. The straight-cut pants, complete with subtle slits, exude grace and modernity, forming the perfect canvas for this sartorial masterpiece. The sleeves are adorned with intricately embroidered borders, enhanced by meticulous diagonal top-stitch detailing, creating an alluring fusion of texture and design.
This ensemble is a symphony of artistry and style, perfect for your soirée.

Shirt: Cambric
Pants: Cambric

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