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A mint velvet knee length two panelled jacket is adorned in multi colored resham, gold tilla, pepel gira tankas, schiffi and gold sequins with deep green embroidered satin borders.
Palachi shawl with four sided satin embroidered borders is something that uplifts the mood of design. Between innocence and sophistication, a breathtaking constrast creates magnificent constellations.

Front Left Bodice Embroidered (Velvet) 1-PC
Front Right Bodice Embroidered (Velvet) 1-PC
Front Left Embroidered (Velvet) 1-PC
Front Right Embroidered (Velvet) 1-PC
Back Bodice Embroidered (Velvet) 1 MTR
Back Embroidered (Velvet) 1 MTR
Hem + Dupatta Border Embroidered (Satin) 10 MTR
Sleeves Embroidered (Velvet) 0.50 MTR
Sleeves Border Embroidered (Satin) 1.10 MTR
Shawl Plachi 1-PC
Trouser (Pk Raw Silk) 2.5 MTR

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