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The ever so shimmering plum velvet jora tangled in beautiful floral layout, delicate leafy pattern, bleaming sequins work and ravelled Resham tankas.
In an unrivaled merge a plum fine pashmina embroidered shawl with four sided magenta embroidered satin border envelopes the canvas with delicacy, graceful femininity.

Front Center Embroidered (Velvet) 1 Pc
Front Side Left Embroidered (Velvet) 1 Pc
Front Side Right Embroidered (Velvet) 1 Pc
Back Embroidered (Velvet) 1.30 MTR
Sleeve Embroidered (Velvet) 1.10 MTR
Front Hem Border 01 Embroidered (Velvet) 1 Pc
Front Hem Border 02 Embroidered (Velvet) 1 Pc
Sleeve Border 01 Embroidered (Velvet) 2 Pc
Sleeve Border 02 Embroidered (Velvet) 1.10 MTR
Sleeve Border 03 Embroidered (Organza) 1.10 MTR
F+B Hem Border Embroidered (Satin) 2 Pcs
Shawl Pallu Embroidered (Satin) 2 Pcs
Shawl Border Embroidered (Satin ) 5.30 MTR
Shawl (Pashmina) 1-PC
Trouser (Velvet) 2.5 MTR

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