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Long straight viscose shirt dipped in a gray hue is meticulously designed. The aesthetically rich pattern is rendered in Resham,silver and gold zari, pepel gira tankas and schiffili.
The embroidered pashmina shawl is a piece of art, stitching two pink colored fabrics together with a four sided embroidered border make it unique.

Front Embroidered (Viscose) 1-PC
Back Embroidered (Viscose) 1.30 MTR
Sleeve Embroidered (Viscose) 0.50 MTR
Neckline 1 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Neckline 2 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Hem Border 01 Embroidered (Viscose) 2-PC
Hem Border 02 Embroidered (Satin) 2 MTR
Sleeve Border 01 Embroidered (Organza) 1.10 MTR
Sleeve Border 02 Embroidered (Satin) 1.10 MTR
Sleeve Border 03 Embroidered (Satin) 1.10 MTR
Shawl (Ari) (Pashmina) 1-PC
Shawl Patti Embroidered (Satin) 8 MTR
Trouser (Viscose) 2.5 MTR

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