Rouge (D8-A)

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Discover Rouge, a vine-red fabric that exudes regal elegance with its upward floral embroidery in lighter reds and gold. Its wave-pattern fabric border infuses a sense of understated luxury into the design.

Front Left Embroidered (Lawn) 1-PC
Front Right Embroidered (Lawn) 1-PC
Front Ext Left Embroidered (Lawn) 1-PC
Front Ext Right Embroidered (Lawn) 1-PC
Front Left+Right Patti Embroidered (Viscose Silk) 2-PC
Front Hem Patch Embroidered (Viscose Silk) 1-PC
Front+Back Hem Border Embroidered (Satin) 2-MTR
Back (Lawn) 1-MTR
Sleeves Embroidered (Lawn) 44""
Sleeves Patti Embroidered-1 (satin) 1.10-MTR
Sleeves Patti Embroidered-2(satin) 1.10-MTR
Dupatta Embroidered (Georgette Chiffon) 2.30-MTR
Dupatta Pallu Embroidered (Georgette Chiffon) 2-PC
Dupatta Patti Embroidered (Satin) 8-MTR
Trousers Plain (Cambric) 2-MTR

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