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The sunny charteuse yellow apparel is fine lined with glistening silver tilla and 3d sequen while adorning embellishments of pink and green in between with an elegent v neck.

Front Left Panel Embellished (Organza) 1-PC
Front Right Panel Embellished (Organza) 1-PC
Front Left Side Panel Embellished (Organza) 1-PC
Front Right Side Panel Embellished (Organza) 1-PC
Back Embroidered (Organza) 1 PC
Sleeves Embellished (Organza) 2-PC
Sleeves Patti 1 Embroidered 1.30-MTR
Sleeves Patti 2 Embroidered 1.30-MTR
Hem Border 1 Embellished (Organza) 1-PC
Hem Border Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Hem Border Embroidered (Organza) 2-PC
Dupatta Box 1 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Dupatta Box 2 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Dupatta Box 3 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Dupatta Patti 1 Embroidered (Organza) 8-MTR
Dupatta Patti 2 Embroidered (Organza) 8-MTR
Dupatta Patti 3 Embroidered (Organza) 8-MTR
Dupatta Box 4 Embroidered (Organza) 1-PC
Slip (Raw Silk) 2.5-MTR
Trousers Printed (Raw silk) 6-MTR

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